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The 2020 Design Intelligence Award (DIA) second evaluation was successfully concluded with a total of 325 award-winning works stands out.


There Was Chair by Afa Shen - Aalto University (Finland) was awarded YOUNG TALENTS 2020 in category Concept Group.

















Baux Acoustic Pulp by Form Us With Love Studio (Sweden) was awarded ’DIA COPPER’ in category Product Group.



A complete list of the 2020 DIA Winners can be found at

the DIA website.

Nordic Space Agent has in collaboration with SSDA (Scandinavian Sustainable Design Association) been chosen to be a partner to DIA - Design Intelligence Award 2020 on the Nordic market, to communicate the award and to actively seek out interesting design, innovation and digitalization for the competition.


Nordic Space Agent also offers services for Nordic companies in China:


  • Communications/PR

  • Market research

  • Support with Law/Patents/Brand

  • Agent/Distribution/Local establishment

  • Sourcing

  • Match-making 


For more info or support, please contact or +46 70 456 53 95.

Learn more about Design Intelligence Award 2020

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